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July 26, 2004

Text Collection: Queen Village

The following is text collected today at our Queen Village satellite site. When you read it, you may know just where you are, but you will also see text that is always already in all of us.

My mind has been elsewhere. Real fine. Red peppers? I’ll get a few. That’s cool. He got hit by an ambulance. You love your chocolate.
Wish you could get some raw kelp. An old house in the middle. Something you don’t need to refrigerate. Like a chocolate chip muffin, or some crackers. I just want to get her something sweet and good. Everybody’s got their own kind of thing.
I’m obsessed with e-mail. It’s between tenth and eleventh and twelfth. OK. Maybe you should consider this. Remind me why you don’t want to go back. Those are good reasons. Can I write, please?
More seitan.
What’s the point of this one? These are for water. I assume there’s a way to carry it. Ten dollars. Let’s eat lunch and then we’ll look here. You have two hours. Bakery, pick up line one, bakery, line one. You wouldn’t use that. The gift revolution.
Everything raspberry is good. Your name is Roz, right? Yes, today is Monday. They went in about 10 minutes ago, so in 17 minutes they should be ready.
They’ve been looking for a roadie for about 4 months. It was kind of cool, so it was like September or October. I wonder if that was before or after.
I have a picture of him. I thought he looked at it. I’ll get you a beet. I’d be even more crazy, eating sugar. I’ve been eating more lately. I seem to be eating less. Last night I had cereal, I had popcorn, and I went right to bed after eating all those carbs. I can justify it. I conked out last night. I was falling asleep last night. Do you hear that beep at night? Driving me nuts. We should talk to them about it.
I just wouldn’t have to deal with it.
Other than the fact that you’re homeless.
Small, you said? Are you staying in your apartment? For now.
He totally sleeps through sounds. Oh, just sit where I tell you to sit. You laugh at that. Can I try a little bit of that? I got a couple of napkins. That’s good. You got forks for everybody.
I have an idea. I don’t like that behavior. My boyfriend had a friend that didn’t like me. Bible Bar. What is the right tea? I got here late.

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