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July 29, 2004

Paint Like Blood


Rain is gone for now, so we are back on the Ledge Wall. Click on the smaller image and a larger picture will open in a new window.

Popular demand requires as many pix of Meg as possible. Here's one from today. She and Eleanor are working on the top section of the mural.


When you are driving past the wall, you get the big picture. But up close, right on top of the wall, the process is much more abstract. Click on these small images to see them close up. The red paint is actually the same color wet and dry. The paint dries darker than it looks wet. We are using this red paint as a base coat beneath the image to create a glowing effect, in the same way that your blood makes your skin glow.



Meanwhile, in North Philadelphia, Passing Through Fairhill is looking just beautiful. The kids are painting "Hear Us."


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