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August 03, 2004

Attend to the Signs


Signage is commerce, directive and limiter. Signs are ubiquitous. Everywhere you look, text is in your line of sight. We are bombarded with words holding us at bay, telling us what to buy and which way to move. Right Turn Only. One Way. Stop. Tadpole’s Hole. Ventilation Contractor. This way up. Helping People Move Ahead Worldwide. Highway Temple of Love. There is a need to communicate behind each sign. Spring Garden Street and Rising Sun Avenue. Not only do street signs tell us where we are, but they also direct us to where we are going. Stick with the arterial and you will go far. There are so many signs, such a jumble, that we do not even see them. Passing Through points out these signs by changing them.
There is another interpretation of the phrase, “Attend to the Signs.” Ours is a world of kismet, of coincidence, where a simple sign from the heavens can change the direction of your entire life. How many times have you looked for a seemingly arbitrary sign to guide you in a decision you’re unable to make on your own? Something strikes you deep. “It’s a sign,” you say. You’re on the right path. If he calls me tomorrow, that means he likes me. If I pass a blue house, I’ll get the job. These signs reassure us that beneath the chaos of the universe is order, justice and redemption.
It is possible to reverse the conventional signage process. That is the goal of Passing Through. The outcome of this reversal is signs that point to much larger messages, and much deeper truths about our lives.
It is not enough to walk up to a stranger and ask, “Where are you going?” The answer may be canned, fumbled, or prepared for its audience. Rather, Passing Through listens to the words that drift past. The Passing Through project points to the wisdom amid the chaos.

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