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September 30, 2004

Passing Through CNN

The cable network CNN has adopted an Election 2004 logo that looks very similar to the Passing Through shield. Total coincidence.


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About To Go Public

Passing Through mural team member Ellie uses the paint-by-numbers technique on a cloth panel in the studio. This face will soon be installed on the Passing Through main mural on the Schuylkill Expressway. Note the detail. This face will appear three dimensional when complete.


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Passing Through I-95

Passing Through is dedicated to all the commuters who use the major roads to get into and out of the city. We've erected a satellite site on some trestles flanking I-95 north in South Philadelphia. This is a teaser shot. The trestles are to the right of the big truck.

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September 29, 2004

Saligman is Philadelphia's Michelangelo

Check out this masterful use of color. Can't wait until the scaffolding comes down and the whole 5000 square foot mural will glow like it's lit from behind.

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All the Words


A driving force of the Passing Through project is collected text. That is, we eavesdrop on passersby at each site. The words we gather are both universal and specific to the spot at which they were collected. At the main mural on 76 at the Girard Avenue Bridge, we are painting phrases collected from all the satellite sites. Here are some examples:
You turn around and you come back
Take the scenic route
Two three four times a day
So tired
Know what I'm saying?
Time to fly

We are thinking about writing, "If you can read this, you are stuck in traffic."
Any suggestions for words you think every day? Click on the red Comments link below.

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Passing Through The Storm

Here's Meg Saligman back on the ledge wall today after the torrential rains of Tropical Storm Jeanne. We were surprised to see a Fox29 news wagon parked at the entrance to the scaffolding. There was our good friend Gerald Kolpan, who had stopped by to look at the river for the Ten O'Clock News. We were not the subject of today's story, but we're hoping he uses some b-roll that includes shots of the mural in progress. Meanwhile, Gerald, if you're reading this, come up and see us sometime.

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September 27, 2004

Your Day: A Moving Picture


What moves you? Is it work? Love? Why are you on the road? We all have our reasons for passing through the same places, day after day, in a relentless rhythm.

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September 24, 2004

On the I-95 Trestles

The Passing Through mural team is busy preparing panels for the Passing Through I-95 site. Each panel you see will appear on a series of trestles just south of Center City. You can see Jonathan and Efrain doing some fine lettering. These text panels are decidedly not printed out on a computer, as most graphics are these days. They are painted slowly and lovingly. The act of creating clean lettering sends the painter into a sort of trance state. Hours can pass.



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Mom Home Cash Complete


Great work by our own Father Elixir. This is the Passing Through Northern Liberties satellite site. The inspiration came from our pages and pages of collected text. During the eavesdropping process, we've collected thousands of words from all over Philadelphia. We found that the three most frequently heard words are Mom, Home and Cash. We all think of these words one, two, three or four times a day. And when we are in our cars listening to the traffic report, we hear the phrase "two three four times a day." It is the commuter's mantra.

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Passing Through on the I-20

This poster is visible near 8th and Vine Streets at the 676 off ramp. It is a found Passing Through site, complete with logo.

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