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August 04, 2004

Design Invasion

Followed a truck north on 5th street and over to Spring Garden today. Felt like we were in the presence of a Passing Through site, but we had nothing to do with it. Same notion. Similar graphic choices, like stencils and enlarged dramatic faces. No Passing Through Logo. Turns out it's a new home blitz show being filmed by Philadelphia-based Banyan Productions. Their other shows include Trading Spaces and A Wedding Story. If you want to be a contestant on Design Invasion, follow this link.




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Hello Design Invasion,
I am the proud owner of 7 of the most beautiful cats you would ever meet. While watching my favorite show last week (Design Invasion), I thought to myself what a nice idea it would be to have a room built especially for my feline friends. Please consider my beloved pets and I for Design Invasion.
Yours Truely,
Bernie Peterson

Posted by: Bernadet Peterson | May 3, 2005 6:46:15 PM

My sister Audrey is an absolute MESS!! She moved to Chicago last year and is still living out of boxes. She totally needs your help!! Her house is a 2 bedroom DISASTER AREA!!

Posted by: Maria Richards | Apr 30, 2005 9:34:31 AM

I would like you to make an picture to say I love you Natalie and an new televison and bed Also with new bathroom and jacuzzi?

Posted by: fredra krompsiti | Apr 28, 2005 8:46:25 PM

My daughter will be returning from her military service in Iraq in late August. She has been collecting tweety bird stuffed animals ever since she was a little girl. her collection has grown to over 300 tweety birds! but, she was only able to bring 5 of them with her. would design invasion be able to suprise her with a tweety bird themed bedroom upon her return?

Posted by: jennifer thompson | Apr 28, 2005 5:08:58 AM

dear daisy,
it sure sounds like your man works hard and is in need of some recreation time, let's utilize our resorces here! ..instead of a bar/ sports room, let's put in some sewing machine tables!.. that's right! i'm really excited about doing a sweatshop motif . this way you and the kids can take some of the workload by producing knockoffs of name brand apperal. this will bring in extra cashflow to your houshold and your fiance won't have to work as much! let us know what you think.

Posted by: juanzilla | Mar 14, 2005 7:19:54 AM

dear rebekah,
what i'm seeing for your friend would be to tear out everything. i think that the best way for her to grow up and forget about her childhood nik-nakery would be to develope an alcohol problem. let's put in floor-to-ceiling shelves lined with booze, and for her bed, i want to cover the entire thing with tile , and put in a urinal for the headboard. this way, when she goes to sleep at night, it will resemble the experience of passing out on the bathroom floor!!

Posted by: juanzilla | Mar 14, 2005 6:59:24 AM

i would love to redo not only your living room, but your whole entire house! what do you think of the concept of transforming your house into a giant wedding cake?! i'm visioning about 15,000 pounds of real icing covering every inch of your house, inside and out! and at the top of your house, lets put a platform where you and your wife can stand permenantly in your gown and tuxedo! and in the front lawn, a fountain that squirts peach schnapps! let's not only suprise your mother, but the whole neighborhood!

Posted by: juanzilla | Mar 14, 2005 6:48:31 AM

I would love for you to surprise my mother and help her with redesigning her house. My personal reason is so I can surprise her by telling her I'm finally getting married and would be honored to have the wedding at her house!! Thank You and I love the show.

Posted by: Lisa Deden | Mar 7, 2005 11:21:03 PM

I need help, one of my best friends bedroom is a lil ... let's just say... " young" for her,I need your help to make it from "drab" to "FAB!!!"

Posted by: Rebekah Carroll | Mar 4, 2005 7:38:55 PM

Hello My name is Daisy and I am writing hopefully to get a little bit of help from you guys in transforming my fiance's garage/gym/time out room into a sports, nice relaxing room and bar...or something of that sort.Let me tell you why he deserves it. He is only 24 years old and he works alot being that he is the only one working right now to take care of me and our three kids. He has alot of stress in his job and he is the only one in his job that knows HIS job so he can never take time off and relax besides the weekend and sometimes only Sundays. I really want to be able to do something for him since he did fix and decorated our house how I wanted it he didn't have the money left over or even the time to try to fix the garage which he always wanted to fix for himself to be able to go out and have fun in his own place. I do watch your show almost all the time and I see how you can transform a room into a beautifull place, but I haven't yet seen a garage being transformed. Who knows maybe my fiance's garage can be the first one to get designed invaded. Well if I'm lucky I will hear from you guys and if not I really like your show because I enjoy watching people get surprised like that and you guys do a great job keep it up! Thank you from Daisy in Downey, CA.

Posted by: Daisy N. | Mar 4, 2005 2:32:30 PM

I really need your help, my best friend misty well her room is a real mess .Her carpet is half cut off her room does not match can you please help her please.She really deserves it.My # is (281)399-0745 (281)399-8965. PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE

Posted by: Ashley Richardson | Mar 3, 2005 5:34:26 PM

Hi I watch your show every day and my best friend really neeeds your help.Her living room looks so bad because her furniture dosent match. She has a table in there just nuthing matches. I would love it if you could come and help her. My # IS (281)689-8467.

Posted by: Misty Wade | Mar 3, 2005 5:27:57 PM

I have a best friend and her room is a mess. I would love it if you could come and help me make over her room. She is a verry good friend and she loves every one.

Posted by: Ashlee Richardson | Mar 3, 2005 5:23:29 PM

Dear Design Invasion,
My boyfriend and I just moved into our first house in November and had a baby on December 4 of 2004. Before we moved in, a 90-year old man lived there who had everything from the seventies including the wall paper. Our living room is from the seventies and all one color-tan. All of our furniture is hand-me-downs and is dirty and discusting. Nothing matches. My boyfriend does and would do anything for me. He has been there for me always. Because of the bills and everything that we are faced with, he is a changed person. He would love to redo our house but there just isn't any money. I was just wondering if you could help me surprise my boyfriend so he can feel better about our new life together.

Posted by: Jessica Gengler | Feb 26, 2005 5:55:19 PM

I was just wondering how to nominate my momma for her living room to have major makeover.It's a DISASTER!!!!!! Please HELP!!***

Posted by: Kimberly | Feb 24, 2005 6:28:37 PM

Design Invasion my mom realy needs help! My mom's garden is a mess! I know you all only decorate inside, but maybe you can make an exception this one time and help her out. When we had our old house, which was about 8 years ago. She had alot of plants and roses which she took care of alot. But the year 97' came along and she lost everything, her home, husband, her her premature daughter who was 1 year and 4 months. We moved out, got an apartment and finaly got back on our feet in the year 02'. It is now the year 05' and our front yard is a mess. She even has a tree (a little tree) planted in the yard stems and leave less planted in the yard. If you can make this one exception and help her with her garden this would mean so much to her because she would now have a place for her self.

Posted by: Valentina Lopez | Feb 22, 2005 12:51:53 PM

Hi, I am asking for help for my very good friend Sue's bedroom,it is a purrfect disaster! The family took care of their very old cat and it urinated in their very plain, blah bedroom. Now it's a boring and smelly room. They recently adopted a little girl from China and made sure her bedroom was decorated very sweetly and the rest of the house looks good, but with the big cost of adoption,they cannot afford to do anything with their bedroom right now. Please Design Invasion, help this giving family by transforming this bedroom catastrophy into a cute and cozy cat nap cabana.

Posted by: Juda | Feb 22, 2005 12:50:08 PM

I am writing this letter to request that your team of designers help my mother and father with their family room. My parents have been very generous people their whole life. I come from a very large family and we are all always stopping by my parents house..(especially for Sunday dinners and to drop off grandchildren). I would like to redecorate their room because it is always cluttered with toys and junk due to their 9 grandchildren and several nieces and nephews. Please help me repay them for all they have done for the family. I am in the Dallas-Forth Worth, Tx area. Thank you.

Posted by: Christina Ferrari-Lutcza | Feb 21, 2005 1:09:59 AM

Design Invasion...Please help. My mom is the most wonderful/caring person. She recently lost her husband cancer. And has had some health issues of her own. Since then she has had to make many decisions on her own. Which is a life change to her. She has not had time to update her extremely outdated style because she is making a living for herself. I would love to see the smile on my moms face again after all the heart ache she has had to endure over the past few years.


Posted by: Nena Larson | Feb 19, 2005 12:37:03 AM

Dear Design Invasion

MY name is Deshe and I'm writing to because I would like for you to help me do something nice for my sister. Last year I was laid off from my job, and when I could afford to pay rent, my yougest sister allowed me to come and stay with her, even though she couldn't afford all of us in her tiny apartment. She has always been a very hard worker, and at the age of 21, she just recently bought her first home, and not with much money to decorate, because she has to kids and she works long hours, I would like to show her how much I love and appreciate her buy just decorating her new kitchen, Tuscany style. We all love to just hangout in the kitchen playing cards, cooking, talking. This would really be a fun and exciting thing to do for somone that had a baby early and yet finished school and has a succesful career. Could you please help!

Sign : Longing for Tuscany

Posted by: Deshe | Feb 18, 2005 7:41:52 PM

Hi, Design Invasion Team...I watch your show everyday. We moved to Arlington, Tx. from Arkansas to open our own business. We have a Proffessional teeth Whitening shop in The Parks Mall in Arlington. My Husband & I have put in so many hours getting our business up & going, that we have lost a lot of "QUALITY" Family Time. We purchased a home that had a room that could be a "Multi-Media room. Money nor time has allowed us to get it yet."Help Me Surprise My Husband & Kids" with an Awesome Media Room. My whole family
REALLY deserves this for the sacrifice of our Family Time, while our Business started up. My husband has even installed a media system in our former church where we were Youth Pastors. We often go upstairs in that room & DREAM of Nice Family Nights up there watching movies & relaxing as a family together.
Please Help Make OUR Dream for that room come True.... Thanks & God Bless You!! Lisa Hyman

Posted by: Lisa Hyman | Feb 17, 2005 11:53:00 AM

I wrote a letter a couple of minutes ago Feb16, 2005 @ 10:11. oops forgot to put my name and e-mail in, so here it is.

Posted by: Kristie Zager | Feb 16, 2005 10:17:58 PM

My mom would be the perfect person for your hit show! My Mom is the most selfless person I know. Over the years she has helped out more people than I can count. She has either helped them out by giving them a place to stay until they got on their feet, or she has lended them enough money to get by on.(not that we had the money to lend).While growing up, my Mom was a single mother of two small girls. Money was always tight and she frequently had two jobs to make ends meet. She recently took in my sister who is trying to get back on her feet after a divorce, and two of my cousins who need her help right now. My Mom never thought twice about opening her doors and heart to them. My Mom is now 52, and I cannot ever remember her buying new furniture or home decor. She usually ends up with someones old furniture when they get new stuff. Family is very important to my Mom. She has one wall in her house that needs your help tremendously. She has about 50 pictures of family members that looks like a cluttered mess. If there is anyone in this world that is deserving of this, it is her! Please, Please, Please help!!!

Posted by: | Feb 16, 2005 10:11:25 PM

I'm trying to get some help for my friends home. They're both such wonderful people, with hearts as big as Texas. They're so good to reach out to help others, & its their turn, now. We're in the D/FW area of Texas. Thank you.

Posted by: Barbie Minsch | Feb 15, 2005 11:39:28 AM

Our good friends really needs your special touch in their outdated home to bring it into the 21st century. Can you please help? Thank you.

Posted by: Elaine Ball | Feb 15, 2005 11:35:10 AM