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August 05, 2004

Ledge Wall, Riding Tall

The image on the Ledge Wall mural is coming together as new panels are installed and painting on the wall itself continues.

See Meg and Efrain getting acrobatic on the scaffold. Look! No hands!


Our Passing Through banner is now up on the scaffolding. If you saw this website address on the highway, let us know. Click the red "comments" link below the pictures.


Work on Passing Through satellite sites continues.
Father Elixir is making much progress in the Kensington section of town.



Near South Street, interns prepare to paint their design.


Part of this project involves crisscrossing the city, visiting each site. Streets in North Philadelphia that were once thoroughfares are now forgotten. They slice through the city, from one industrial section to another. Glenwood Avenue. Lehigh. Germantown. American. These passages, it turns out, are the quickest way from one Passing Through site to another. There is much novelty and delight. We are like rural residents viewing the big city circa 1930.
There is also art.


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