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August 13, 2004

Passing Through Port Richmond


One day, we were passing through the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia, trying to get from Northeast Philadelphia to Aramingo Avenue. Our in-car navigator directed us past a truly outstanding clock tower. We decided to stop and find out more. We rang the bell and a new Passing Through site was born. There were signs that this was the right site. A mother's name in an unexpected and prominent place. The faded letters of many signs, painted over and over in white on dark brick. Inside, pizza boxes and cake boxes roll from long machines. Printing and printing. Boxes advertising cannolis and fresh hot pizza. Boxes you have seen before. The tower is exquisite, and the owner is a charming gentleman. We learned that the building is over 200 years old, and found out that there is writing up inside the clock tower from that time. The men on the production floor talked about first shift, second shift and third shift.


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