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August 13, 2004

Two Sites on or near South Street

We need to be as vague as possible about the true location of each Passing Through site. That way, you will want more. Two satellite sites are in production in the studio. We thought you would enjoy images from both. They are only a few blocks from eachother, and we can't help wondering if the proximity, both on site and in studio, encourages some Passing Through cross-pollination.


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The short phrases are beautiful! reading them is like switching through 300 channels of cable television.

Posted by: stepchild muralist | Aug 14, 2004 10:17:36 AM

Yes, indeed it is! The Passing Through mural team wears shirts with text taken from Passing Through Sites. Look for lime green shirts on the painters at the Schuylkill Expressway site. Coming soon!

Posted by: dominatrix | Aug 13, 2004 10:08:11 PM

Is that "HI WAY" shirt a Passing Through site in and of itself?

Posted by: ThatTree | Aug 13, 2004 10:05:56 PM