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October 28, 2004

Philadelphia's Newest Landmark

Join us for the Passing Through dedication!
FRIDAY October 29 2004
4:00 PM

Kelly Drive inbound between Hunting Park and Brewery Hill
By the bank of the river
Attend to the Signs

Check the Passing Through Dedication Info link to the right


Here's a map of the dedication site. See you there.

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October 27, 2004

You Can See Clearly Now


Any way you look at it, the main mural is a sight to behold. When you come to the Passing Through dedication on Friday October 29 at 4:00 pm on Kelly Drive, be sure to walk the path by the natural stone tunnel for this made-to-order view of the third third of the mural. We can't promise the pink sky, but you just don't know.

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October 26, 2004

DEDICATION Directions/Parking


Come on down! The Passing Through Dedication is this Friday, October 29, 2004 @ 4:00 PM on Kelly Drive across from the main mural.

Please note that if you are driving, plan to arrive on the western side of the Passing Through Dedication. Here's what to do:

From Center City Philadelphia, points north and east:
Drive away from Center City on West River Drive. Turn RIGHT onto the Falls Bridge. Turn RIGHT again onto Kelly Drive. Go 2.5 miles back toward the city on Kelly Drive until you see the entrance for the dedication, which will be clearly marked with signs. Park on the grass as directed.

From Route 1, Chestnut Hill, Main Line, points south and west:
Take Kelly Drive toward the city. The dedication is 2.5 miles from the Falls Bridge.

For GPS and computer mapping program users:
The closest intersection to the dedication is Kelly Drive and Brewery Hill Road. If you are coming from the Center City, be sure to program the Falls Bridge into your route so that you are able to turn around and come back.

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October 24, 2004

Main Mural Complete



The scaffold comes down and Philadelphia's newest landmark is unveiled.





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October 22, 2004

Passing Through Dedication

The scaffolding is coming down!

Mark your calendar...the Passing Through dedication is this Friday, October 29 2004. Join us on Kelly Drive across from the main mural. Click on the link below for a detailed map. The red square marks the spot.


Celebrate Passing Through
Friday October 29, 2004
4:00 PM
Kelly Drive just west of the Girard Avenue Bridge underpass
Entertainment includes performance and music
Parking available

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October 20, 2004

Passing Through Media Coverage


As the work on Passing Through nears completion, media coverage begins. Check out today's Philadelphia Inquirer. Page B2 for print people, and click here to see it online.

Meg Saligman and Sue Spolan were interviewed on Xpn_small this morning. The piece will air again tomorrow, 10/21/04, at 6:40 AM ET. You can listen to WXPN live online by clicking here.

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October 15, 2004

Third Shift @ Mile 342 9/10


This is the third section of the main Passing Through mural. You can see this flowing blue cloth flying above the highway. Up on the scaffolding, it is always breezy because cars and trucks speed by. You will see flying, flowing cloth throughout the main mural.
Also, note that the mural exceeds the upper limit of its frame. The frame is a theme of Passing Through. Consider the endless number of frames in our day. The car window, the computer screen and the television exist as framed objects.

Mile 342 9/10 is the title of the main mural.

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Muscle + Color = MEGAMURAL

This is it. We're in the final stage of the main Passing Through mural. Meg Saligman is in the process of color glazing the entire surface to make it glow. Meg works with certainty and strength. We watched her glazing in vibrant orange, yellow, purple and ochre.





This mural is on Interstate 76 approaching Central Philadelphia.

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October 14, 2004

Encapsulating the History of Public Art


Public art may be divided into two categories: permissional and non-permissional. Commissioned and approved murals and sculptures constitute the former. Graffiti and stenciled images make up the latter. For inspiration, Passing Through draws on both kinds of public art. All of the Passing Through murals contain text, just like non-permissional street art. But the text is not simply a tag. It comes from the many voices of the community, and the accompanying images refer to the traditional process of mural making. One of the Passing Through murals in particular, Cock-A-Doodle-Doo, is in a part of the city that is rich with both permissional and non-permissional wall art. The Passing Through team designed this mural with a nod to both. Above, you can see a detail from Cock-A-Doodle-Doo, located in North Philadelphia at the intersection of three streets.

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October 12, 2004

Passing Through The City


Consider the provisional state of all our spaces. It is a transience that is intransigent. We are always passing through the same places. As commuters on the major roads, we see the same landscape day after day. What moves you? Is it work? Love? Why are you on the road? We all have our reasons for passing through the same places in a relentless rhythm.

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